Christian Dior J’adore Voile De Parfum Edp 100ml

Dior lifts the veil on a new interpretation of the mythical floral composition of J’adore.  A Tuscan iris, majestic and highly refined, opens the composition. This facet new and full of pace distinguishes and reinvents gently the floral bouquet I love. The bright sensuality of the rose Damascena then blossoms, and white musks finally deliver their powdery and carnal density.

This fragrance unites with the skin in an enveloping mist. Spray reveals a new art of perfume, a second skin effect. Voile de Parfum gives itself in all its floral generosity, leaving a sensual and feminine imprint, a sweet remanence. Sensuality laid bare.


Simplicity often hides extreme sophistication. I love is a perfect harmony between old perfumery and modern perfumery, the expression of the most beautiful essences and the most beautiful absolutes of natural flowers in a contemporary style. As magical as it is, I adore is above all the art of combining raw materials.
François Demachy


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